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Welcome to HealthsmartMSO.com ::: To provide compassionate quality care to our providers and their patients with integrity!

HealthSmart Management Services Organization, Inc. is a full service MSO focused on process and results in Managed Care. Our Client’s consist of Independent Physician Associations (IPA’s), Medical Groups, Hospitals and Physician Practices. We strive to provide our Client’s and their contracted Health Plans, Providers and Patients with cost effective, coordinated and compliant services in a timely manner. Our goal is focused on assisting our Client’s in providing friendly and supportive "managed" care.
Well Care/Easy Choice Model of Care
D-SNP Model of Care training:
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse & General Compliance Training
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ("CMS") require Health Plans to Provide Fraud, Waste and Abuse ("FWA") and General Compliance Training to their contracted first-tier, downstream and related entities ("FDRs"); as well as FDRs employees who are involved in administration or delivery of Medicare Part C and D and Medicaid benefits. This annual training must be completed and attested to. HealthSmart MSO and its contracted IPA’s utilize the Industry Collaboration Effort ("ICE") Medicare (and Medicaid) Compliance and Fraud/Waste/Abuse Training:
Please submit your signed Attestation for your Entity to: Compliance@healthsmartmso.com or Fax (714) 947-8708